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At Garage Door Houston we help clients save money on their garage door repair. We believe that if it isn't broken, don’t replace it. That is why if only one of your panels is damaged, we don't replace the whole door, but just that one part.

Our technicians can make garage door panel repair in a short time since they will only be replacing the horizontal panel or panels that are badly dented, bowed or torn. We have a team of technicians that are skilled in this type of repair job and that have extensive experience of working on similar projects for our clients.

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If you are thinking of attempting this repair instead of calling a professional be advised that performing this kind of repair is quite involving especially for someone who does not have the necessary experience or tools. Our technicians are able to get this job completed quickly because of their knowhow.

Our technicians will advise you on the best way forward to replace your garage door panel depending on the type of material your door is made of such as wood, steel, or aluminum. Garage door panel replacement may be necessary if your panel has been damaged by a vehicle coming into contact with it, high winds throwing heavy debris against the door or general wear and tear. If the damage is extensive and has affected other parts of the garage door such as springs and the track, it might be necessary to replace the entire door to eliminate safety risks.

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That is why it is necessary to call a qualified technician who can adequately evaluate the situation. In case you need replacement garage door opener because yours has failed isn't functioning properly, we can help. Call us today and we will take care of your opener issues.


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