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Garage Door Houston is proudly providing homeowners in this community the needed services when they need help with their garages. We have a dependable service that is available any time. If you need garage door repair you can call us and immediately we will dispatch our technicians to help you.
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These spring systems carry the weight of a garage door when it is lifting. Stretching on each side of the garage door, they run from a pulley fitted on the door to the rear track hanger. Broken Springs will definitely make your door inoperable, which is a major problem especially if your car is in the garage and you need to go places. If you decide to undertake this repair, the chances of getting hurt a pretty high.
garage door before and after These springs help to raise and lower a garage door. Mounted above the garage door, they loosen and tighten as cables coil around the drum as the door opens and closes. We do garage door repair spring in the shortest amount of time simply because we have all types of springs in stock and have the tools and experience to perform this job.


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